Sunday, 21 July 2013

Freelance - Day 29 - SHOWCASE SUNDAY! with "art"...

Hello! It is day 29!

It is also time for another Showcase Sunday!

Today you will be able to see the game in more detail than I have ever shown it.

Here is the video and below it will be a more detailed breakdown of what is going on in the video:


  • 00:00 - 00:04
    This shows the basic weapon selection. The player can select which they would like to use before starting their mission. Currently the weapon selection is limited but will be increased before release
  • 00:04 - end of video
    If you look closely at the player, they have a slight walking animation. They also only hold one gun (in sprite form).
    The every wall that can be collided with can be destroyed by shooting them. In this case the brick walls and the hedges.
    In the top left hand corner you can see the ammo counters first. The middle top red bar is the health bar. The middle bottom red bar is amour (yet to be implement. Why? I don't know). The last red bar is stamina/temperature gauge.
  • 00:15 - 00:17
    The player sprints and the stamina bar at the top empties. The bar must refill before the player can sprint again
    The white circle is the enemy (the text will not be visible at release).
    The red box is a pick up objective. In this "mission" when the player picks this up the will finish the level.
  • 00:25 - 00:30
    The player reloads, discarding the empty clip (bouncing physics are yet to be added).
    The player then picks up the ammo clip that is flashing as it contains ammo. The ammo clip then ejected is excess that the player cannot carry.
  • 00:42 - 00:46
    The player walks into the ammo crate filling their ammo of all guns they carry to max(exc. clip ammo)
  • 01:07
    The player picks up the objective, completing the mission. There is currently know system for upgrading after the mission and accepting a new mission.
That is it for that video.

In the last update I spoke of a memory leak. That leak is still present however the source is known and the code will be hunted down and fixed.

Until next update...